Ceremonial Swords & Sabers: West Point-style

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West Point-style Sword (Europe). Scabbard included.

Use this West Point-style scabbard and sword for Junior ROTC and ROTC events. From special events and ceremonies to graduations, this ceremonial saber is a must-have to complete your uniform. Tips for wearing your West Point sword can be found at the link below.

Each sword is hand-crafted with stainless steel. When polishing your sword, use a soft dry cloth or a silicon-treated gun cloth to preserve the integrity of the precision manufactured parts.

Be sure to choose the correct sword size to correspond to your height. The chart below can be used to determine proper sword length:

Height of User5'6" to 5'7"5'8" to 5'11"6'0" to 6'3"
Sword Size28"30"32"

Technical Tip: Polish swords with a soft dry cloth or silicon-treated gun cloth.

How to Wear a Saber Or Sword