Attaching Ornaments to Aluminum Poles

Ornaments are not currently manufactured specifically for aluminum poles. Historically, the ornaments in our catalog were used on wooden poles only. Nevertheless, you can successfully attach them to aluminum poles. They will fit a 1" aluminum pole. To fit them to our 1-1/4" aluminum poles, it takes some creativity. The classy look is worth the effort!

Here are several proven methods offered by customers. Wrap the ornament ferrule (the part that fits inside the pole) with tape -- masking, duct, electrical, or plastic. This will fill up the space between the outside ferrule wall and inside pole wall and hold the ornament securely. Or, buy the aluminum pole adapter, #2222 (this item can be found under Flag Accessories) for the following ornaments and poles:

The adapter is inserted into the top of the pole and forced down with a hammer or by banging it on the floor. (That really works!) When this piece is used, the ornament just screws onto the threaded adapter.

Appropriate Ornaments for the Armed Forces Flags

The Army and Marine Corps flags use the gold Army spear; Air Force, the silver Army spear; the Navy and Coast Guard, the gold battle axe.