Flag & Tassel Usage

Appropriate Flag Sizes for Outdoor Poles

Length of flag should be approximately 1/4 of the height of the flagpole:
20' pole - 3'x5' flag ... 25' pole - 4'x6' flag ... 40' pole - 6'x10' flag
A second flag flown under the U.S. flag should be one size smaller than the U.S. flag.

Appropriate Flag/Tassels & Cord Sizes for Indoor and Parade Poles

Flag and tassel sizes

Attaching Cords and Tassels

Attaching cords and tassels

How to Mount an Indoor Flag

On aluminum poles - Pull Velcro tabs out from both the top and bottom of the pole hem. Separate the burr side of each tab, after peeling off the backing, stick it on the pole. To secure the flag, press the burr and felt sides together or slide the pole hem over the pole. Affix the ornament to the pole. Next attach the top tab to the ring of the eye screw of the pole ornament. The flag will hang naturally, or adjust the circular aluminum ring to the point on the pole where the bottom of the flag will fall and tighten that eye screw against the pole to hold the ring securely. Take the bottom tab in the pole hem and attach it to this second eye screw. On wood poles - No bottom ring or bottom Velcro tab is required. Only pull out top Velcro tab.