How to Wear a Saber or Sword

For the Army saber and Coast Guard officer sword:
Start with a saber sling (#105 or #107) or attach a saber guard (#676) to any leather belt up to 2 ¼". Add a saber chain (#673) by hooking the top clip of the saber chain onto the metal clip of the saber guard. The top hook of the saber chain holds the top ring on the scabbard. The lower clip holds the lower ring on the scabbard.

For the West Point and Air Force swords:
Start with a sword sling (#101 or #106) or attach a sword throg (#679 or #680 ) to any leather belt up to 2 ¼". Insert the scabbard into the opening at the bottom of the throg until the hook comes through the keyhole.

For the Navy Officer sword:
Start with a Navy sword belt. Attach the rings of the belt to the top and bottom rings of the scabbard. A Navy sword knot may be added to the handle for decoration.

For the Marine Corps NCO sword:
Attach a sword throg to any leather belt up to 2 ¼". Insert the hook on the scabbard into the keyhole of the throg (#683).

Mourning Knot: The #8142 USMC Mourning Knot may be worn with any branch of service saber or sword.


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Sword & Saber Size Chart

Height of User 5'6" to 5'7" 5'8" to 5'11" 6'0" to 6'3"
Sword & Saber Size 28" 30" 32"

More goes into selecting blade length than just an individual's height. Also part of the equation is the type of sword/saber, an individual's arm and neck length, and how the sword is carried. The correct blade length is that which will place the tip of the blade at about eye level when an individual carries the sword at the "Carry Sword" position. The most common is 30".

The easiest way to find the proper blade length is to hold the sword in the "Carry Sword" position to see how the length fits. That only works if you have access to a sword, however. If you don't, stand at a position of attention with your arm down at your side and your fingers pointing down. Measure from your ear to the "V" between your index finger and your thumb. Using this measurement, the correct sword length depends on the type of piece. For Army officer saber, Navy officer sword, and USMC NCO sword, take the measurement and subtract 3 inches. For USMC officer sword, Air Force sword, and West Point military style sword: take the measurement and subtract 2 inches.