DrillAmerica® 1903 Rifle Parts

$0.50 - $53.00
DAS Rifle Parts

Glendale exclusive! Replaceable metal parts for the DrillAmerica® 1903 Springfield replica rifle.

Glendale Parade Store exclusive!

Glendale is your one and only source for these replacement parts for the DrillAmerica® 1903 Springfield Drill Rifle. One of the benefits of using this replica rifle is that you can replace just about any of the metal parts that attach to it. That makes it easy to keep yours in great shape without having to incur the cost of an entirely new rifle. Just replace the Springfield 1903 rifle parts as needed and you'll always have a replica that looks, feels and sounds just like the real thing.

Some of the popular replacement parts you'll find in this exclusive Glendale Parade Store collection include butt plates and trigger guard plates. View our 1903 Springfield parts diagram to find other components that may need to be replaced.

DA1903 Assembly Instructions

Procedure to Disassemble a DA1903

DA1903 Handguard Removal

Replace DAS4 Bolt Assembly