DrillAmerica® M1 Garand Replica Rifle

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Glendale's exclusive DrillAmerica® rifle is a detailed replica of the M1 Garand and is the only available weapon of its type, weight and balance for parades, drill, and competitions.

Glendale exclusive! Discover the authentic look and feel of this DrillAmerica® rifle, a replica of the M1 Garand!

For the realistic touch of an original M1 Garland without the firepower, choose this DrillAmerica® M1 Garand Replica Rifle, offered exclusively through Glendale. Thousands are using this practically indestructible replica rifle for drill teams, honor guards and color guards due to its incredibly balanced weight and authentic appearance.

Some of the many groups who have incorporated this M1 Garland replica into their activities include active duty military personnel, reservists, veterans, cadets, law enforcement personnel and firefighters. It can also be used as an ROTC replica rifle for competition, exhibition or parade purposes, making it an incredibly versatile replica rifle from the highly regarded DrillAmerica® brand.

  • Length is 43".
  • The first 9-pound center-balanced replica rifle in the U.S., the DrillAmerica® is made of high-impact plastic with a wood-grain appearance and exterior chromed metal parts.
  • What makes this one different from the previous model is that it comes with a moving bolt to enable Inspection Arms and a trigger that "clicks" for effect.
  • Each replica rifle has a reversible black rubber butt pad and a metal butt plate. (There is no bayonet lug.)
  • This DrillAmerica® replica rifle is approved for all JROTC competitions as a demilitarized weapon.
  • The M1 Garland replica rifle does not come with a sling, but any Glendale web or leather sling can be used with it.

REPLICA RIFLES ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Before ordering a quantity of replica rifles, we suggest ordering a single piece for your examination to be certain it meets your requirements. If it does not, a single unused rifle may be returned. Replica rifles cannot be guaranteed against breakage after receipt.

All of our rifles are replicas only; they do not fire and are intended to be used for exhibition, special events or parades.