Guidon Poles

$204.32 - $233.11
G80 Poles
This is the standard guidon staff made to military specifications.

Represent your unit and corps affiliation with a guidon staff from Glendale Parade Store. This standard guidon flag pole meets military specifications and is the standard authorized pole for mounting color guard flags for all branches of service. It’s an excellent choice for parades, demonstrations, exhibitions and other official events. Because the guidon is often placed at the front of a formation, having this guidon pole will help to deliver a professional and polished appearance.

  • Length options: 7’, 8’ or 9’6” (7’ pole is not a regulation size)
  • 1-1/4" in diameter at widest point
  • Two-piece design made with light ash
  • Army spear
  • Bottom-tapered ferrule
  • Spear and ferrule color options: brass and chrome (chrome only for 7’ pole)

This two-piece pole is easy to assemble. We recommend using a lubricant spray or gel on threads to avoid cross-threading precision screw joints.

These poles will only fit directly into PFS and MFS stands, but the pointed bottom ferrule of the guidon pole will fit in a regular floor stand with Glendale's #1101 or #1102 Floor Stand Adapters.