Traditional-Fit Aluminum Poles (Two-Piece)

$61.25 - $81.75
70 Poles

Engineered for maximum performance and beauty, these are the choice of America's leading color guards and marching bands. Poles are two-piece, of strong aluminum tubing, with rich anodized finish in gold or silver. Each 7' - 9' pole has a shock absorbing rubber base plug and is equipped with adjustable band for attaching flag. (For 1-1/4" aluminum poles #84G, #84S, #94G, and #94S , see Attaching Flag Ornaments to Aluminum Poles below.)

TECHNICAL TIP: Before assembling two-piece poles, use a lubricant spray or gel on threads to avoid cross-threading precision screw joints.

Flag Poles and Ornaments Chart

Attaching Flag Ornaments to Aluminum Poles